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ThermaCell Holster Instructions

ThermaCell Holter Instructions
1. Check butane level in your ThermaCELL® or ThermaSCENT® appliance. Insert new cartridge if needed.  
2. Slide narrow end of appliance into the very bottom of Holster sleeve.
flyaway holster instructions
3. Make sure that Holster straps are directly below the grill.
flyaway holster instructions
4. Pull “hood” of Holster up over wide end of appliance. Ensure that Holster is not covering the grill. Line up the round hole on the hood with the appliance’s ignition viewing light. flyaway holster instructionsflyaway holster instructions
5. Insert new mat if needed. Insert spare ThermaCELL® butane cartridge and mats in Holster side pouches if desired.  
6. To change butane cartridge, simply undo snaps near the narrow end of the Holster. Remove appliance endcap. Unscrew cartridge and replace with new one. Replace endcap. Snap Holster bottom back into place. flyaway holster instructions
Proper Use of Holster and Appliance

When transporting your ThermaCELL appliance to or from your hunting, fishing or camping site, you will find the Holster handy as the straps allow you to attach the product to your pack or bolt. Do not, however, turn the ThermaCELL appliance on while it is being transported. The useful life of your appliance will be shortened if used in this manner.

flyaway holster instructions

Once you’ve arrived at your site, re-adjust the Holster’s straps as needed in order to secure your appliance to a stable, horizontal surface such as a tree stand or tree limb. The appliance may then be turned on and used as long as the grill is facing up. Never mount or hang the appliance vertically while in use. This will shorten the useful life or the appliance and void the product warranty.

flyaway holster instructions

Make sure that vents on bottom of appliance are exposed. ThermaCELL needs airflow from vents to work properly.
Do not left the Holster cover any part of appliance’s grill.  Grill will get HOT quickly.

flyaway holster instructions
Features and Benefits

Convenient way to transport ThermaCELL ir ThermaSCENT appliance to and from hunting, camping and fishing sites.

Easily secures appliance to objects like tree stands, duck blinds or boats.

Allows quick change of cartridge or mat without removing appliance from Holster.

Provides storage for extra cartridge and mats.

Holster fits all full size ThermaCELL and ThermaSCENT appliances: MR-1, MR-G, MR-F, and SD-1.

Only ThermaCELL’s accessory Holster insures product vents properly and is used in accordance with EPA regulations.